24/7 power to meet your power demands - whenever, wherever.

The solar industry is evolving rapidly and Australian households and businesses are quick to adopt Solar Battery Storage.

For many households it is about energy security and keeping surplus solar energy ready for use in the evening.

For small business it is about backup power capability and the benefit of keeping cheap solar electricity on site for times, when otherwise expensive Peak time energy has to be purchased from the electricity retailer.

Larger businesses can combine all those benefits and can save even more by reducing the KVA Demand Peak loads.

Supported by sophisticated design tools and simulation programs we can guide you to the best suitable technology option in order to achieve your investment goal.

Solar Energy Options have been providing solar energy storage for many years in some niche applications such as off grid or grid connected emergency backup.

Over the years we have followed the technology improvements very closely. The recent release of more affordable and long lasting battery back-up systems brings power storage now within the reach of the larger community.

Either you choose a "Storage ready Solar invert system", or you want to maximize your solar and grid independency, with a Lithium solar battery storage, we have the know-how and products to take you to the next step in the solar revolution.

With brands like Fronius, LG, Samsung, SMA, SolarEdge, Selectronic and Tesla all available through Solar Energy Options, you can be assured that any solar Battery storage investment is a wise long term investment.