Your business is unique - not just how you manage and operate it. It also applies to the way it uses energy and how it is charged for electricity.

An investment in a Commercial Solar Power System needs to deliver strong financial returns and substantial environmental credentials.

Before a decision on a Solar Power System can be made, a detailed analysis is required to understand how much and when electricity is used within your business.

We find that many businesses do not have a full understanding of what they are charged for, as electricity tariff structures are deliberately made complicated by electricity retailers. An owner's lack of time to fully investigate helps the electricity companies to continue to profit from existing arrangements.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Investments

We understands that an investment in solar is one of many investment opportunities that will provide a return for your business.

Our job is to detail how your solar investment will benefit your business, using proven and well-tested performance modelling and financial models to provide a set of figures for an investment decision.

At Solar Energy Options, we strive to provide you with a Solar Power Project that fully satisfies your expectations.
Avoid paying high energy bills and take the journey to Solar today with Solar Energy Options

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4 short Steps towards Commercial Solar

A 4 stage process with focus on the outcome of electricity cost saving, guides us from analysing the potential to solar power for your business. It does not require much of your time.

  • Pre Feasibility

    Evaluation of Electricity Bill / Load profile / Site assessment / Modelling

  • Presentation of Financial/Technical Modelling

    Do the presented Pre Feasibility figures fit with your business expectations?

  • Project Presentation

    Decision on commercial option (Purchase/ Lease/ Rental/ Solar Power Purchase), and technical parameters.

  • Solar PV at your site secure and profitable

    Professional Installation and Performance Monitoring – Partnering with the experts of Solar Energy Options

Presentation of Financial/Technical Modelling

We save you money by improving the energy efficiency and tariffs, and enhance your business with clean renewable energy from the sun.