Just buy Solar Power and save!

No upfront cost - Energy cost Savings from Day One.

With a Solar Power Purchase Agreement there are no-upfront costs, no worries, just pay for the solar energy we supply to you.

The solar electricity is cheaper than electricity from your retailer, giving you an immediate saving.

The solar project will be implemented by us without taking up your time or money.

You maintain your arrangements with your existing electricity retailer for all the power used in access of the solar power produced onsite.

The solar energy price is fixed for the duration of agreement.

The unique feature of our Solar PPA is the low priced solar export assurance, providing peace of mind that the designed solar plant is perfectly matched to the onsite consumption.

At the end of the specified period, usually 12 to 15 years, the business owns the solar system outright.

And if your business wants to own the system before the end of the agreement, you can purchase the unit anytime, calculated as per the depreciated value.


  • No-upfront cost
  • Pay only for Solar kWh's you get
  • Save on your retail electricity bill
  • Full service
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Long time savings on your energy bills

Common Client Questions

  • So, there's no cost to me?

    For the solar system? No. The only charge is for the cheap solar electricity we provide to you. A charge which is lower, than the savings on your electricity bill.

    You normally pay your electricity bill month after month, year after year. All you get is electricity. If you purchase solar electricity from Solar Energy Options under a SPPA, you'll get cheaper, fixed price solar electyricity, and a fully operational solar system at the end of the term at no payout cost to enjoy many more years of reduced electricity costs.

  • I’m interested, but it sounds too good to be true.

    There is absolutely no gimmick here, this is a commercially viable proposal that is relatively new to the Australian market, but very common overseas, so understandably there's some resentment.

    Solar Energy Options has started to use this solar energy model 4 years ago and has since provided cheap solar electricity to many commercial clients in southern NSW. Our SPPA allows business owners the opportunity to benefit from renewable energy technology, with no upfront cost, while creating immediate cost savings and building sustainability into their business.

  • I'm in contract with my power company so I can't do anything at the moment?

    Almost all commercial clients in southern NSW are on a price based contract, therefore it does not matter to the contract if the electricity amount purchased from the retailer is declining. And that’s all it is , you only purchase less electricity from your current electricity retailer.

  • What if I don't own the building I operate from or I decide to sell the business during the contract term?

    We have partnered with many businesses who are in a lease situation. Providing the owner consents to the solar installation, there's generally no issues at all. The SPPA provides for the transfer of the contract to new owners in the event of the sale of a business. We have seen that this works very well and provides a significant business selling point.

  • Is there any risk for my business in terms of the system not working as it should?

    No! We carry all the risk. We own, operate, monitor and maintain the system throughout the duration of the agreement. Put simply, if the system doesn't produce power as it should, we do not receive any payment.

  • What if I want to buy the solar system outright during the course of the contract. Can I do this?

    Yes, absolutely. The contract will provides for a buyout charge in each year of the contract. It is based on a linear depreciated value of the initial system cost.

  • Are many businesses already buying power from you?

    Yes, please ask us for a reference list

  • Do you have other solar financing options?

    Yes, we can provide you with a solar leasing and a solar rental product and are happy to discuss the best suitable financial model for your business situation.

It might sound too good to be true, but it really is as good as it reads.

Just ask one of our Clients benefiting from a $0 Solar PV System.

With 3 years of Solar Power Purchase agreement experience, no one in regional NSW has more expertise than us.

SPPA Projects – with

  • Golf Club in Pambula/Merimbula

    The energy bills of this very successful Club have been significantly reduced by a combination of 81kW Solar PV on a Power Purchase agreement and by adjusting the electricity tariff to a more suitable tariff.

    (since Jan. 2014)

  • Fruit and Vegetable Shop in Moruya

    Our longest running solar power supply arrangement. After, a year the business owners changed, but the new owners have been happy to stay with the existing arrangement. The business prides itself of providing high quality fresh and local food. Together with local produced electricity from a 20kW PV system a wonderful sustainable shopping place.

    (since Aug. 2012)

  • Hotel and Bottle Shop in Bega

    A major concern of the Hotel has been increasing electricity prices in the Essential Energy area.

    The 20kW PV has been now in operation for more than 3 years and fully meets its expectations.

    (since Aug. 2012)

  • IGA in Malua Bay

    The business was on a very expensive standard Business tariff. 10kW Solar PV in combination with a change to a more suitable electricity tariff provides significant saving. Being a clean tourist destination it was also obvious that clean energy should be powering the shop.

    (since Apr. 2013)

How it works

The SPPA allows for the installation of a solar system on your business premises.

Solar Energy Options retains ownership of the system for the agreed duration of the contract and sells the solar power generated by the system back to your business at a lower rate than that charged by the Electricity provider.

We take full responsibility for the operation, maintenance and any potential repair during the agreed term.

At the end of the contract period, ownership of the solar system is transferred to you, so you can enjoy many more years of solar energy and reduced power costs. You don’t even need to own the premises as long as the premise owner agrees to the system at his site.

You want to know more?

Please contact us on 02 44713836 and receive a complete assessment including current electricity arrangements and usage profile.